Klippans Karaoke Cup

Do you dream of a song carrier? Do you love to be on stage?

For the second summer we will arrange a karaoke competition for the one who loves to sing and be on stage!

Just like in the successful TV-show Klippans Karaoke the competes will face a jury, consisting of the famous record company manager Bert Karlsson together with guests.

The competition is open for everyone (over 17 years old), regardless if you are often on a stage or if you rather sing in your shower, the point is that we all have fun together!

1st price is a recording, but everyone who competes will have a signed copy of Bert Karlsson’s book “Stora Schlagerboken”.


To find what song you are gonna sing, look in to www.bitte-johnnyskaraoke.se. You will tell us your choice when you the announcement of your participation.


Announce your participation at admin@ursand.se