Hello! We are a few of all the people working at Ursands Resort & Camping! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or comments. We are here for you!


Bert Karlsson


Bert has invested alot in Ursands Resort & Camping. He is a very active CEO with high goals about the development of the camping.

Daniel Aronsson

Site manager

Daniel is the spider in the web at Ursands Resort & Camping. He makes sure that everything runs smoothly and works as its supposed to. Furthermore he is well known among or faithful visitors.


Phone: +46722-183183

Pernilla Höglund

Reception manager, marketing

Pernilla is our latest contribution and the one who will have responsibility for the reception during the hole year.


Phone: +46521-18666

Josephine Andersson

Restaurant manager

Josephine is the restaurant manager and the one who, together with her wonderful staff, always makes sure there is something good to eat, something refreshing to drink and a lot of live music at the stage in the summers.


Phone: +46707-693677

Fabian Pihl

Social media- & homepage manager

Fabian is the guy with solutions! He is our very own social media- and homepage manager, and he makes sure you always find what you are looking for. He is well known on site, and are often seen running around the area. 


Phone: +46521-18666