Useful information / Q&A

Visiting a new campground can be tricky and difficult. That's why we have gathered helpful information on this site to help make your stay at Ursand memorable!



Check in after 12.00 on our camping pitches and 15.00 for our cabins. 

Check out is due before 12.00 on both our cabins and camping pitches.



There are 5 service houses on the premises, 3  of these are brand new and the remaining 2 newly renovated. You will find showers and toilets in all service buildings, and in building 2 & 4 there’s also equipped kitchens that can be used at any time. In service building 2 you will additionally find our arcade, SPA, dog-shower, latrine, outdoor gym, sauna, CamperClean and conference rooms. 



We have equipped kitchens in service building 2 & 4 where you can clean your dishes. There’s also 14 outdoors taps for cleaning the dishes, distributed on several cleaning stations. In our outdoor taps there’s cold water, except those on the backside of service building 2 where warm water is distributed.



We have fresh water taps everywhere on our campground, and in all of our service buildings. Your closest tap can be found on our area map, or by asking in the reception.



We have 2 fully automatic latrine stations – “CamperClean” that can be used. Put in you full cassette and let the machine do the rest! Out comes a clean cassette, filled with the right amount of microbiological liquids. The emptying process takes approximately 2 minutes and costs 20SEK. If you want to empty your cassette manually you can do so in service building 2, 3 and 5 free of charge. Your grey water can be emptied by the exit gate, just besides the CamperClean machine. 


When is the entry gate closed?

The gate is open every day 7.00 – 22.00. After these hours it’s not possible to enter the campsite. 


Do you have WiFi?

Yes we do! It’s free of charge for all our guests. The password can be found in the cabin folder, or by asking in the reception.


What’s the price to take a shower and how does it work?

Showers cost 5SEK/5 minutes and are activated by using a magnetic card that you receive when checking in. You pay for the showers when checking out. If you are staying in a cabin with bathroom/shower you don’t pay anything for used showers. 


Are dogs allowed on site?

Absolutely! Dogs and other animals are welcome everywhere on our campground. On the beach they are allowed left of the volleyball field. 


Are there duvets and pillows in the cabins?



My CampTrac-card is gone/have stopped working! What do I do?

Come to the reception and we will reactivate it for you. Lost cards are charged with a fee of 50 SEK. 


How warm is the pool? 

Our pools keep a steady 28°c, all summer.


When does the campsite close?

We don’t close! The campground is open all year and we offer both cabins and camping pitches throughout the winter.


Are you wondering about something else? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by sending an email to, or by calling us directly at +46521-186 66.