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Dansbandet Scotts som har spelning på Ursand Resort & Camping

Our party rooms are perfect for events, parties, weddings or kickoffs!

Are you thinking of planning an event, a staff party/kickoff with the company, or organizing a party for your best friend? Big or small - we have the solution! 

Food & Drink


Several accommodation options

Up to 300 people

Schlagermuseet med Bert Karlsson som öppnar entrédörren på Ursand Resort & Camping

Did you know that you can rent our premises and create your very own party?

Our party venue is perfect for all types of events in all forms. We take care of everything needed for a successful party night, including food & drink and of course the entertainment / activities desired for the event. 


You yourself hold the baton with content & planning and rents the party venue based on the current conditions. Of course we are available if desired, and before your party setting you can rent china & glass of us. 


To end the evening in the best way, we have several accommodation options to offer, and a lovely breakfast to enjoy the next morning before you head home again.


We are more than happy to help you create your event & party arrangement unique! 

Let us give your evening an extra sparkle!

Schlagermuseet och restaurang Friends på kvällstid

The Schlager Museum

Perfect venue for parties, events and meetings for up to 60 people.

Människor som äter middag och har kvällsunderhållning på Ursandsbryggan

Ursand's bridge

Perfect for larger events such as weddings or parties of up to 300 people

Examples of arrangements that we have carried out in the past.

Two women having drinks during a 50th anniversary party at Ursand Resort & Camping


DSC09940 (1).jpg




IMG_9827 (1)_edited.png




Konferens - Barnkalas.png



We can offer everything from large event packages to smaller and cheaper options. Contact us for prices and inquiries or if you want to know more!

Thanks! We will be in touch shortly.

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