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Excursion destinations in and near Vänersborg

Skräckleparken - Ellinore Wagnervik.JPG


Skräckleparken, or Skräcklan as the park is also called, is centrally located in Vänersborg. Here you will find nice walking paths and several swimming spots. For those with running legs, there is a disc golf course, an outdoor gym and several playgrounds. During the summer, there is also the opportunity to buy food, coffee or ice cream at the cozy Café Skräcklestugan, which is right by the water!

Brinkebergskulle sluss

Bringebergskulle lock is the first lock that connects Lake Vänern with Gothenburg and the North Sea. Many boats and ships pass through the lock every day, something you can witness from the pleasant Slusscafét, which is open during the summer season! Here you will also find beautiful nature with lovely walking and cycling paths.

Brinkebergskulle sluss bild Ursand
Vänersborgs Museum Ursand

Vänersborgs museum

Vänersborg's museum has existed since the end of the 19th century and offers exciting information from the century's voyages of discovery. In the preserved 19th-century museum environment, you can spy remains from all over the world, everything from Nordic animals and mummies to Chinese porcelain. The museum has various exhibitions and also a nice souvenir shop!

Dalbobergen runt

Dalbobergen Runt is a hiking trail that stretches from Ursand down to Kronblom's stump near the Dalbo bridge. The hiking trail is approximately 7.5 km long and offers fantastic views of Vänern, pleasant nature and many barbecue areas. On a hot summer day, there are many opportunities to swim in Lake Vänern from both stone and sandy beaches. If you don't want to walk the entire hiking trail, there are several shortcuts to shorten the route, a map can be picked up at Ursand's reception!

Dalbobergen runt.jpg
Ekopark Halle- och Hunneberg Ursand

Ecopark Halle and Hunneberg

The most common destination that our guests at Ursand are drawn to is Halle- and Hunneberg, mainly with the hope of seeing live, wild moose! Halle- and Hunneberg have incredible animal and plant life and offer fantastic walking and cycling routes. Here you also have the opportunity to fish in several of the mountain's lakes, or why not grill lunch at one of the mountain's well-made barbecue areas? Since the mountains are plateau mountains, there are also many fancy lookouts to visit. Halle- and Hunneberg is a nice excursion destination for the whole family!

Royal elk hunt museum Älgens Berg

Halle and Hunneberg have an exciting history of the royal elk hunt that has taken place on the mountains since the 14th century. In the center of Hunneberg you will find a museum that offers interesting information about both the mountains and the animals that live there. Among other things, you get the opportunity to see a moose in life size and you can also learn more about hunting and the cultural history of the mountains! In the museum there is also the opportunity to buy nice souvenirs and during the summer there is also a nice cafe to visit!

Älgens Berg bild Ursand
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