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Have you made your booking through our website or Always contact 0771-117 117 or if you have questions about your booking. See specific booking conditions that apply at

Have you made your booking by phone, email, or at the reception at Ursand Resort & Camping? Then contact 0521-186 66 or if you have questions about your booking.

BOOKING CONDITIONS The following booking conditions apply if you have made your reservation by phone, email, or at the reception at Ursand Resort & Camping. If you have made your reservation online on our website or through, other booking conditions apply, see the conditions on your confirmation.

Open purchase for 24 hours You have an open purchase for 24 hours if there are more than 7 days left until arrival.

Age limit for booking To book/enter into an agreement with us, you must be 25 years old.

Booking Confirmation The booking confirmation contains important information regarding your booking. It is your responsibility to check that the content of the booking confirmation corresponds with what you have booked. If this is not the case, it is important that you contact us immediately. In the event of circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to move you to equivalent accommodation. As a landlord, we, Ursand Resort & Camping AB, are obliged to ensure that you receive a written confirmation of your booking and that the cabin/camping plot matches the description.

When does my booking become binding? The booking is binding as soon as it has been confirmed, verbally or in writing by the facility, regardless of whether you pay anything or not at this time. Important! Check carefully that all details and dates are correct when you receive the booking confirmation/invoice. In the event of errors, contact us immediately.

When should I pay? Bookings must be fully paid before arrival.

  • If the arrival day is more than 40 days from the booking date and the sum exceeds SEK 1200, the invoice is divided into 2 parts. First, you pay a registration fee of SEK 1200 in connection with the booking, the remaining amount is paid 40 days before arrival. If the amount is less than SEK 1200, it is paid immediately, with payment terms of 10 days.

  • Other payment terms apply for long-term rental minimum 4 weeks.

  • If the arrival day is within 40 to 14 days from the booking date, the full amount is paid on invoice with 10 days payment terms.

  • If the arrival day is less than 14 days from the booking date, the full amount is paid immediately.

It is important to always provide the correct OCR number when making a payment.

If you miss the payment, it is considered a cancellation on your part and the booking may be canceled.

Departure earlier than planned If you choose to depart earlier than planned, no money will be refunded.

Want to change a booking? Changes to your placed booking can be made via the reception, phone, or email and cost SEK 199 per occasion.

If your change creates a difference in price, no refund of the booking is made later than 40 days before arrival.

What applies if I want to cancel my cabin/camping plot? Cancellation is made on written request from you as a guest by emailing the campsite at

For cancellations earlier than 40 days before arrival, everything except 20% is refunded.

For cancellations closer than 40 days before arrival, no refund is made.

If you have become ill, you can cancel if you have purchased cancellation protection and have a valid certificate /medical certificate that is no more than 7 days old, see below conditions.

Note that unannounced delayed arrival or early departure day is considered a cancellation and no refund is made for the postponed stay.

When does cancellation protection apply? Cancellation protection can be purchased for SEK 250 per cabin, camping plot, or tent site. Cancellation protection can only be added to your booking at the time of booking and cannot be purchased afterwards.

When booking more than one item in the same booking, one cancellation protection is needed for each cabin, camping plot, or tent site to be able to cancel a specific item. If only one cancellation protection is signed for your total booking, the entire booking will be canceled.

Cancellation protection does not apply to school trips, groups, or seasonal bookings.

If you have signed up for cancellation protection, it applies until 24 hours before the arrival date. Cancellation can be made provided that something according to the following has occurred and must be able to be verified with a certificate/medical certificate from a doctor, authority, or insurance company that is no more than 7 days old.

Death, illness, or serious accident that has affected you yourself, spouse, cohabitant, your or spouse's/cohabitant's parents/children/siblings or fellow traveler.

Occurrence of another serious event beyond your control, such as fire or flood in your home, making it unreasonable for you to adhere to your booking.

The same applies if you are called up to the armed forces or civil defense.

A copy of the medical certificate or certificate from the insurance company or other authority must then be sent to Ursand Resort & Camping. This must be received by us within 30 days from the cancellation.

After that, the paid amounts for the booking will be refunded, except for the administrative fee of SEK 250 and the cancellation protection fee of SEK 250.

Camping Key Europe

To camp with us, you need to purchase Camping Key Europe, which means that you as a guest must have a valid camping card when renting a camping plot. The camping card is not necessary when renting cabins from us.

The camping card is managed digitally and gives you a free liability and accident insurance, discounts, and offers that apply to the whole family. Read more at

Check-in/Check-out Times

At our facility, the following check-in and check-out times apply:

Camping plot/motorhome spot/tent site: Check-in from 13:00 and check-out until 12:00.

Cabins: Check-in from 15:00 and check-out until 11:00, with final cleaning booked check-out until 10:00.

What are my rights?

If we cannot provide the cabin, camping plot, or tent site in promised condition or at the correct time and cannot offer you equivalent rental property, you have the right to terminate the agreement. In this situation, we must refund the total cost of your booking minus the possible benefit you may have had from the plot/cabin.

If you have complaints, these should be presented to us as soon as possible. Errors that occur during your stay should be reported immediately so that we can correct them. If you have violated our rules of conduct, we will refund the remaining time according to your booking if we find a new guest who rents the place/cabin minus the costs imposed on us or other guests in connection with this.

What are my obligations?

To book camping/cabin, you must be 25 years old, otherwise, a guardian must be part of the group staying at the campsite. You are responsible for reading through your booking confirmation and ensuring that dates and item numbers are correct. You must take good care of the cabin, camping plot, or tent site and follow the regulations that apply. You are responsible for any damages that occur to the cabin and its inventory, camping plot, or tent site through your or someone in your party's carelessness. You are also responsible for ensuring that everyone staying or present in your cabin, camping plot, or tent site follows the campsite's rules regarding silence, etc. If you violate the rules of conduct, we have the right to evict you from the site with immediate effect.

You may not use the cabin, camping plot, or tent site for anything other than what was agreed upon at the time of booking. Nor let more people stay overnight than what was stated at the time of booking. You must clean the cabin according to instructions. If you do not do this, cleaning will be performed at your expense, and we will invoice you SEK 2500.

Natural Disasters, War, Strikes, etc.

Both you and we have the right to withdraw from the rental agreement if the cabin, camping plot, or tent site cannot be provided due to natural disaster, acts of war, labor market conflict, prolonged interruptions in water or energy supply, fire, or similar events that neither you nor we can foresee or influence. We are then obliged to refund you the total amount of your booking minus any benefit you may have had from the cabin, camping plot, or tent site.

We reserve the right to change prices, typographical errors, and changes that are not known to date.

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