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Pool host & janitorial

Pool host & janitorial

As a pool host at Ursand Resort & Camping, you are the face of our guests. We are looking for someone who likes to work and is not afraid to jump in. You must be positive and outgoing. We want you to be responsible and like to work independently. You must also dare to communicate with our guests and be clear about what rules we have.


-Variable number of hours, on a rolling schedule during June to mid-August. Weekends in May may occur.
- Training takes place in March/April.
- You are offered service training, CPR and fire training on site.
- Salary according to collective agreement HRF.

Previous knowledge

No special prior knowledge is required

To apply for the position, you should:

- Love working with people
- Be positive and responsible.
- Be able to take own initiative.

- You must be able to be clear and decisive.
- Be a good companion
- Like to work independently and in a group
- Keep an eye out for cleanliness and neatness at your workplace
- Like to work at a fast pace.
- Take responsibility for being well-educated and knowledgeable about the campsite.
- You must be at least 16 years old.

The position includes, among other things:

- Responsibility for our pool area, i.e. cleaning sunbeds and keeping the pool area tidy.
- Make sure our guests follow the rules we set up at the pool area.
- Keep an eye on the slide.
- In case of bad weather, you must work with the caretaker, everything from cleaning the campsite, cutting grass or other simpler caretaker work. As well as being willing to jump in where needed.

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To apply to us, you need to send in a CV, cover letter and preferably a short film of a maximum of 1 minute about yourself where you tell us why you are the right fit for us at Ursand Resort & Camping. Mark your application with the position you are looking for and send it to us at or via the form below as soon as possible. Hiring takes place on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions, please contact us

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