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Ursand Resort & Camping - camping or living all year round in a scenic area 

Just north of Vänersborg, right next to Vänern's beach, is Ursand Resort & Camping. Over 8,000 guests come here every year who either rent a cabin or camp with their own caravan, mobile home or tent, mainly in summer. But, even though summer is the camping's given high season, we have plenty of seasonal guests who stay with us all year round. During the low season, we also have several companies that rent cabins to their employees who work on various projects in the area. We then also have some try-on camping at a discounted price to extend the season. 


Protects the environment 

The showers in the service buildings are charged to help keep water consumption down. All sinks have touch-free taps and all lighting in the service buildings is equipped with presence sensors.  

We are working towards finding good environmentally friendly alternatives to replace the few single-use plastic items that are still used for sales in kiosks and shops. 

Our basic range of food is supplemented/replaced with more climate-smart alternatives and we also take in products from local producers. 

Cleaning agents and detergents in the business are environmentally and allergy friendly. 

Our campsite is large so we use electric cars (golf carts) and go about the daily business. The campsite currently has a charging post for electric cars, but we will review this summer whether we should set up more.  

To protect the environment and make it easier for the guest to do the right thing, there is a garbage station at the entrance barrier. There is the possibility to sort the waste into different categories.  


We work for our guests, residents and the local collaboration 
The beach at the campsite belongs to the municipality, so many visitors only come for the day. They are of course welcome to our pool area, to play on our playgrounds and play adventure golf. This makes our campsite a pleasant excursion destination for the residents of the area as well. 

We are happy to collaborate with events of local associations and companies. For new construction and maintenance work and the like, we try to cooperate with local and regional contractors as much as possible.  

A local sports association has set up bins to leave deposit bottles/cans in at the camping area. This becomes a win-win as bottles/cans are sorted and the local club earns a little extra for the team coffers. 

We provide tips and information about activities and attractions both locally and regionally - the longer the guest stays, the better for both us and other businesses in the area.  


Local workforce and a way for young people to enter the labor market 

When it comes to social sustainability, we have an agreement with Visita, so in addition to all the thousands of visitors, the campsite is also visited during high season by approx. 20 seasonal workers. Most of the time, it is local labor who know the local area well. This opportunity gives young people a good start in working life in a safe and secure workplace. With us, neither offensive differential treatment nor harassment in any form is accepted - with us, everyone is of equal value. 

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