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  • Check-in & check-out
    Cottages. Check-in: 15.00. Check-out: 11.00. Check-out is at 10:00 a.m. Camping site. Check-in: 13.00. Check-out: 12.00.
  • Kontantfricamping
    Från den 1 februari 2023 blir vi en kontantfricamping. Vi tar emot swish och kreditkort. I vår spelhall finns en växlingsautomat som både tar kontanter eller kort och där får ni ut poletter till spelautomater.
  • Booking conditions
  • The entrance barrier
    The barrier is open between 06.00 and 22.00 every day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter the area at other times. If you arrive later than this, you must park in the guest parking outside the exit barrier.
  • Utfartsbommen
    Utfartsbommen är öppen hela dygnet, kör sakta fram emot bommen, så öppnas den.
  • Access card
    If your access card has stopped working, come to the reception and we will help you reactivate your card!If you have lost a card, please stop by and check if another guest has handed it in. A lost card is charged with SEK 50/card.
  • Service house
    There are four service houses in the area. In all service houses you will find showers and toilets. Our largest service house is located in the middle of the campsite (number 2 on the map) and here you will find everything you could possibly need. There is a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, latrine emptying, dog shower and spa area with sauna, conference area and games hall. Kitchen is also located in service building number 4 on the map.
  • Washing facilities
    In service houses 4 and 6 there are kitchens with full dishwasher facilities. In the area there are also 14 different outdoor kitchens throughout the area. For location information please see the area map. Cold water is available at all outdoor counters. There is hot water at the counter which is located behind service house number 2.
  • Water refill
    There are several taps deployed in the area and you can drink the water from all of them. To see the exact location of water taps, please see the area map. In addition to these, it is of course also possible to fill water in all service houses.
  • Latrine emptying
    Manual latrine empties are at the back of service house number 2, in service house 5 and opposite the adventure pool, next to place 135. There is a gray water emptying plate before the exit barrier. In the area we also have two fully automatic latrine emptying stations, "CamperClean". Insert your full cassette and let the machine do the rest. Out comes a cassette cleaned with microbiological fluids. Emptying takes about two minutes and costs SEK 20. You activate the machine with one of your access cards that are issued at check-in.
  • Camping cleaner
    In the area we have 2 fully automatic latrine emptying stations "CamperClean". Insert your full cassette and let the machine do the rest. Out comes a cartridge cleaned with microbiological fluids, all you have to do is lift the tank in and out. Emptying takes about 2 minutes and costs SEK 20. You activate the machine with one of your access cards issued at check-in.WHERE: Service building 2 and 4.PRICE: An emptying costs SEK 20.
  • Showers
    Showers are available in all our service houses and cost SEK 8 for 5 minutes. To activate a shower, you show your access card to the reader in the shower. When you check out, you return your access cards and pay for what was deducted from each card. PRICE: SEK 8 for five minutes.
  • Laundry
    Laundry room is in service building number two, with entrance next to the padel tennis court. There are three washing machines and three tumble dryers. To book laundry time, write your name or place/cottage number on the lists located in the laundry room. To activate a wash, you show your access card to the reader in the laundry room, further instructions are available on site. Please note that the access cards have a maximum credit, which may mean that you need to recharge the cards at the reception if you do laundry several times. You return your access cards at check-out and pay for what has been used. PRICE: SEK 50 for 1 wash & drying.
  • Animal
    Dogs and other animals are warmly welcome with us, as long as they are leashed within the camping area. At the back of service house 2 there is a handy dog shower that is free to use for everyone staying at the campsite. Dogs are welcome to swim on the beach on the left side of the volleyball net, seen from shore.
  • Dog shower
    At the back of service house number 2 there is a dog shower which is free to use for everyone staying at the campsite.
  • Reception & shop
    In our fresh service shop we have everything you could possibly need during your stay. We offer everything from freshly baked bread, dairy products and snacks to hygiene items, mobile chargers and camping accessories. In addition, we have a smaller selection of food, such as panini, sausages, coffee bread and ice cream. Opening hours high season 20/6-7/8: every day at 08.00–22.00.For other opening hours and more info, visit Reception & shop.
  • When is the campsite open?
    We are now open all year round. For current opening hours see Opening hours.
  • Vad gäller när jag bokat spa?
    Vår spaavdelning innehar 1 jacuzzi, 1 utvändig varmpool, 1 bastu (som måste förbokas), sollampor inkl solstolar. Vi reserverar oss för att den utvändiga varmpoolen inte alltid är igång. ·Ni får medtaga egen mat och dryck, men använd endast burkar. Glas och glasflaskor är förbjudet. ·Medtag badkläder och handduk, detta finns ej till försäljning hos oss. ·Vid användning av utvändig varmpool, ta av locket. Vänligen sätt på locket efter användning, på detta vis håller poolen värmen. ·När spatiden är slut skall man lämna spaavdelningen. Detta av respekt och hänsyn för nästkommande gäster som bokat vår spaavdelning. Kolla en extra gång så att du fått med dig allt.
  • Vad gäller när jag bokat shuffleboard?
    Ni får medtaga egen mat och dryck, men använd endast burkar. Glas och glasflaskor är förbjudet. Men tänk på att städa iordning det ni haft med er. Stenar och sand hämtas ut i receptionen. Shuffleboardregler finns uppsatta på väggen.
  • Vad gäller kring rökning?
    Rökning är förbjuden i alla stugor och runt servicebyggnader. Upptäcker stugkontrollanden att det rökts i stugan, debiteras saneringsavgift på 3000 kr.
  • Is there WIFI at Ursand?
    Yes, we have WIFI in the area, which is also free for all our guests. Contact reception or look in the cabin folder for login information.
  • When is check-in and check-out?
    Check-in at cabins takes place from 15:00. Check-out must take place no later than 11:00.In the case of a booked final stay that must be made at least 3 days before departure, check-out must take place no later than 10:00 a.m.
  • What do I need to bring with me to the cabin?
    You only need to bring sheets and towels with you (or rent from us for SEK 129/set). Blankets and pillows are already in the cabins.
  • Finns lakan och handdukar i stugan?
    Kuddar och täcken finns i alla stugor. ”Linne inkl. handduk” som innehåller underlakan, påslakan, örngott, badlakan, handduk kan beställas för 129 kr/set. Beställda lakanset får ni i receptionen vid ankomst. Vid avresa återlämnas och avräknas dessa i receptionen.
  • Is there a coffee maker in my booked cabin?
    All information about the equipment and its facilities can be found under the respective cabin category.
  • Kan man boka slutstäd?
    Ja du kan boka slutstäd. Avresestädning kan bokas via receptionen eller online minst 3 dagar i förväg.
  • Vad gäller om vi bokat slutstäd?
    Då är det viktigt att komma ihåg att du måste tömma kylskåp, eventuell frys och slänga soporna samt diska annars debiteras du 1000 kr extra. Avresestädning kan beställas genom bokning i receptionen eller online minst 3 dagar i förväg.
  • Are pets allowed in your cabins?
    Yes, your pets are welcome in all our cabins except the caravans.
  • Do you have an age limit for booking cabins?
    Yes, in order to book a cabin with us, at least one person in the party must be over 25.
  • Can I always enter the area?
    No, the entrance barrier is closed between 22:00 and 07:00 and then it is also forbidden to drive in the area. However, it is always possible to get out through our separate exit boom.
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